Recent Critical Work
Presentation, ‘A Chorus of Listening: teaching and assessing creatively with multimodal texts’; 2016 AATE/ALEA National English and Literacy Teachers Conference. Adelaide, Australia. July 7-10, 2016
Article, ‘Visual Literacy, creativity and the teaching of argument’; with Cyra Levenson (YCBA), Mei Tan (EGLAB, Yale School of Medicine); in the journal, Learning Disabilities Contemporary Journal, special issue on Creating Arguments. (Spring 2017).
Chapter, ‘Visual Strategies: A Line, A Verse, Something on Paper’ in Salt Companion to Charles Bernstein, ed. William Allegrezza (2012).
Featured in the documentary,  Visual Literacy: Rethinking the Role of Arts in Education (2014)
Produced by Cyra Levenson, Directed by Lisa Molomot