from the online journal word or/word 
from the collection, other Rooms
Kevin Volans, 'White Man Sleeps', IV
                      3 days,
walk way, long, a
stone, flat path,
quite world, quiet past, strength of step, step, one, two
over, no fear, or regrets, a finished job, 
                              moving onward
moving, satisfied, move
                     a maturation pro
                     cess, stage, com
saying good, bye, good, saying, say sa sa ey ing, farewell,
new demands await
leaving, again, relearning, knowing the right, the left, forgetting shackles,
forgetting, for
limitations, walking
speaking freely, free
                  a tall glass of water, a joyful l

Seascape (Sea-Sea) 
Seestück (See-See) 
            1970 Gerhard Richter 

Open, gray, wave, space [O, stay!]
movement, sound chop, chop
departure, de facto, canvas
Slosh, ling, out of touch
just over, not clear, clear
or sharp, translating lay-space
viewer, where--where. Boat bound
Riding, maintaining, with Jonah
O, see, see, sky covered
hidden stars, hidden colors, hidden lots
for the Life, ear, sound-
scape, sea-scape, scape-goat
room bound, [O, stay!] lay space
Mo, ma see, sea, see, C
A Seestuck Mash-up (2012)
Ode to Tom Phillips (2016)